R.M. and L.M.

Those of us who have been subjected to IRS determinations that our tax filings were inaccurate know first-hand the trauma of dealing with “Goliath.” In fact, “Goliath” can and has – in our case – selectively dismissed independent, third party documentation supporting our position that tax matters had been properly and thoroughly transacted and reported, only to have “Goliath” then proceed to seize assets without allowing due process to be completed.

In the face of such challenges, we were extremely well-pleased with our engagement of Mr. Maxwell who intervened on our behalf in dealing with convoluted legal communications (that included erroneous IRS information) and manipulative legal maneuvers to prevail against us. He was relentless in ferreting out the correct information in representing us and in utilizing his thorough knowledge of the IRS laws and regulations on matters that were far too complex for us to navigate as private citizens without legal training. Morgan is tenacious – yet contained – in his representations, and he expects the IRS actions to comply with legal standards and requirements.

We are most grateful for the highly professional representation that Mr. Maxwell provided to us during this challenging chapter of experiencing the overbearing and abusive practices of “Goliath.”

R.M. and L.M.

Written by E. Morgan Maxwell

E. Morgan Maxwell

Since beginning his own firm, Mr. Maxwell has continued a tax-law oriented practice encompassing a wide range of transactions, planning and dispute resolution. His dispute resolution experience includes involvement at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service (Examinations, Appeals, Collections, Office of Professional Responsibility, the U.S. Tax Court), the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, the Tax Litigation Section of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, Common Pleas Court and local taxing jurisdictions in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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