You’ve Got Better Things to Do Than Spend 2 Hours on the Phone with the IRS

If you have never had to deal directly with the IRS, consider yourself blessed and hope that you never do. If you have recently been notified that you are being audited, or need to work with them on some other matter, you will quickly discover just how painful it can be. Most people know that Government agencies can be massive, inefficient, bureaucratic messes. Well, the IRS is widely considered to be the worst of the bunch when it comes to solving problems.

Last month, a client contacted me, clearly frustrated, after spending over two hours on the phone trying to work through a situation related to the audit. She spoke to a total of eleven people during her ordeal, and never made any progress on her case. To make it worse, her call was “accidently” disconnected twice when she was supposed to be transferred to another area. Of course, each time the call was dropped, she had to begin the process over, explaining everything to someone new.

By this point she was understandably fed up with the IRS and decided to give us a call. Thanks to years of experience dealing with the IRS, we were able to get her situation resolved to her satisfaction quite quickly. When everything was over, she commented that her biggest frustration was that she didn’t call us from the very first day.

Why a Tax Attorney Can Help

Some people wonder why a tax attorney can often get results much quicker than would be possible by other people. Part of it is that we have a lot of experience working with the IRS, so we know what types of things we need to say to get to the right departments. We also know which options to select in their endless call tree to get to the people we need to speak with.

Rather than going through the frustrations of waiting on hold, being hung up on, talking to people who clearly don’t know how to do their job, and any number of other problems, why not let an IRS attorney handle it all for you… so that you can focus on your business! In addition to removing all the stress and frustration, we can typically get much better results than would otherwise be possible.

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Written by E. Morgan Maxwell

E. Morgan Maxwell

Since beginning his own firm, Mr. Maxwell has continued a tax-law oriented practice encompassing a wide range of transactions, planning and dispute resolution. His dispute resolution experience includes involvement at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service (Examinations, Appeals, Collections, Office of Professional Responsibility, the U.S. Tax Court), the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, the Tax Litigation Section of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, Common Pleas Court and local taxing jurisdictions in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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