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DSC_3173aaaaA tax inquiry or dispute is every taxpayer’s worst nightmare. You’ve probably felt yourself get nervous just looking at an envelope that shows the I.R.S. logo or your State tax department in the return-address area. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you own a business, you’re an individual taxpayer, or you’re a financial professional… I can   help you put your tax problems behind you!

I’m Morgan Maxwell, and for more than 35 years, I’ve been providing taxpayers with the assistance they deserve when it comes to tax issues. I’ve devoted my practice to ensuring that critical details are handled correctly and helping taxpayers avoid excessive taxes and penalties. If you’ve got tax problems, let me provide the solution. Specifically, I can help with:

Most importantly, I can provide the benefit of my extensive experience directly to you. No matter what tax challenges you’re facing, I can help you understand your options and fight tirelessly for the best possible resolution. Please contact me today to begin resolving your tax defense issues, or download our free tax guide for helpful information.

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Our goal is to handle our client's tax issues in the most professional and precise manner.
See what our clients have to say about working with us.
I have used Morgan Maxwells’s legal services on numerous occasions, from advice on tax laws affecting Americans living and working abroad, to crucial assistance during a nerve-wracking tax audit. He patiently guided me through every step, and he was always one step ahead of the IRS throughout. He has wide-ranging knowledge, is patient with non-tax specialists like myself, and ensured the best po… Read more
J. H.
As a professional, it is always good to know your limitations and although many tasks can be handled by the everyday accountant, there has always been a grey area in the arena of tax law. This is why I am privileged to work with Morgan Maxwell. As a tax attorney, he has experience dealing with complicated tax situations whether it be interpreting the tax ramifications of a business arrangement or … Read more
Our firm has been associated with Morgan Maxwell for over 30 years. We use Morgan’s tax law expertise to help us with many of the complicated tax issues facing our clients. It is great to have someone we can trust as an extension of our own firm.
“When you are running your own small business, you may try to do too much yourself and make mistakes or overlook things.  When this happens in the tax arena, little things can snowball, and problems can become compounded to nearly the point of panic.  I was fortunate to encounter Morgan Maxwell when this happened to me.  I literally had not been able to get anyone, accountant or lawyer, to ev… Read more
K.S., Pennsylvania
Those of us who have been subjected to IRS determinations that our tax filings were inaccurate know first-hand the trauma of dealing with “Goliath.” In fact, “Goliath” can and has – in our case – selectively dismissed independent, third party documentation supporting our position that tax matters had been properly and thoroughly transacted and reported, only to have “Goliath” then … Read more
R.M. and L.M.
Having a problem with the IRS can be distracting and traumatizing, and the issues and procedures can sometimes be complicated and difficult to understand. When I have been inclined to panic and feel entirely overwhelmed, Morgan has been able to help me focus on doing what can be done to work toward a resolution. Just talking through the problem or issue with Morgan usually makes me feel better, re… Read more


Whether you own a business, you’re an individual taxpayer, or you’re a financial professional... I can help you put your tax problems behind you!
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