Providing Solutions… and Peace of Mind

When it comes to tax defense, you need an attorney who knows enough to help you avoid trouble and who will fight vigorously on your behalf if needed. After many years addressing tax challenges of all shapes and sizes, I have the experience and the know-how to resolve your tax matter, no matter how complicated it may seem.

Perhaps you made a simple mistake in a  calculation on your own tax return. Or maybe you were unaware of changes in the tax law that would change the amount of the tax you owe. I will help you get to the bottom of the issue in a manner that is clear, unthreatening, and designed to ease the stress tax matters bring to your daily life.

Or, it might be that you’re a business owner and you’re facing trouble with sales taxes because you expanded operations to a new state. It could be that you mischaracterized  full- or part-time employees as independent contractors and now your payroll tax account has numerous discrepancies and penalties. I will make sure that, together, we discover the source of your difficulties and act swiftly and effectively to fix the problem now and in the future.

If you’re an accountant, financial advisor, or tax return preparer, I can help you too. State and federal tax authorities may not interpret certain statutes the same way you do and you may need a strong defense of your position. I will construct a well-reasoned argument in support of your approach that protects your reputation and your clients’ finances and assets.

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